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Five Best Car Tyre Brands for Your Car

by Ricky Edison
Tyre Exporters in Dubai

To a non-expert, the car tires all look the same and are the same, but an expert knows that tires differ and are extremely different from each other, and they all perform differently. There are different tyre exporters in Dubai that export different car tire brands into and out of Dubai. Having great durable car tires ensure your safety and makes you have a smooth ride while driving, A car tires is not just a black rubber that rolls on the ground while driving, it is a black rubber wheel that was made to help the car move smoothly, freely, and safely without causing damage to the car, the passenger, and also prevent accidents from the friction of the metal of the car and the hard ground.

Over the years there have been several companies that have created their own car tires with different designs, their own design that they think would make the car move freely and swiftly.


The Apollo tire brand does not have a deep-rooted motorsport car tire history, the car tire brand was founded in 1972, it is younger than most car tire brand companies, but its popularity has been outstanding, they presently ship to more than over one hundred countries. Their tires are quite affordable and are mostly bought for domestic use but regardless of it majorly being a home revenue-producing product it still brings in a big number into the company.


This is a global car tire brand that is originally manufactured in France, it started off in 1899 as just a mere bicycle tire but now they export globally to over one hundred and seventy countries in the world. Michelin tyres are extremely involved in motorsport car tires.

Bridgestone Tyres

This is the largest car tire-producing company in the world, they are a Japanese tire manufacturing company that deals not only with car tires, but with everything that has to do with tires, from bicycles to light-duty tires, and high-performance race tires. They supply over one hundred and eighty countries in the world and are at the highest motorsport level.

Goodyear Tyres

An American tire manufacturing company that was established in the year 1898, they are heavily into motorsport. They started off with just tire production for carriages and bicycles, but now they make tires for NASA and also various things.


This is an Italian tire company that was founded in 1872, Pirelli tyres Dubai is recognized for its outstanding technology and the amazing quality of its product. They are the car tire providers for F1 till 2023.

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