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Benefits of Acquiring Cyprus Citizenship

by Ricky Edison
Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit

You would be truly astonished to know about the string of benefits you would enjoy once you become a citizen of Cyprus. You do not have to leave your old citizenship of your country of birth for it.
There are some consultancies in Dubai which help you in the application process and getting the Cypriot citizenship. It is wise to research a little bit while choosing the most suitable consultancy for the service.

After getting a Cyprus permanent residence permit, you will be able to invest further in the country and also freely move in the region. Read along to know about specific advantages.

Work Permit in EU

Arguably the most precious benefit you receive through citizenship of Cyprus is a valid work permit in the EU. It will equip you with a legal document to work in any country in the EU. You will have no issues finding relevant work in your field. Also, it will help you to tap the potential of various investment opportunities in different countries of the EU. You will be in a position to make your investment options and business scopes more robust in the region without any administrative hurdles.

Residency in EU

Are you thinking about residency in the EU? If yes, then invest in the economy of Cyprus and get citizenship. There will be no problem in getting a valid residence permit from the country. This will also allow you to stay in any country in the EU. The good part of this whole thing is you do not have to fulfill minimum residency requirements to apply for the permit.

Dual Citizenship

As previously mentioned, you do not have to discard the original citizenship in order to receive the Cypriot citizenship. You can keep both. There will be no issue regarding this.

Easy and Quick Process

You would be more than glad to know that when you get citizenship of Cyprus, the time for the whole process spans from merely 3 months to a maximum of 6 months. The procedure is smooth and free of any hassles. You will receive complete administrative support from the concerned authorities. There will be no problem in getting the passport.

Free Movement of Capital

You will counter no hurdles if you want to create a portfolio of investments in the EU after becoming a Cypriot citizen. There is lots of potential to invest in the country and in other parts of the EU. There are excellent provisions for free movement of capital.

Get the Cypriot Passport

Do not delay your decision to invest in Cyprus and get the second passport Dubai as soon as possible.

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