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The Four Main Types of Material Handling Equipment

by Ricky Edison
Material Handling Product

When you have a manufacturing plant in Dubai or in another city in UAE, you need proper equipment to handle the materials in your unit. There are lots of technical aspects that encompass the details of handling materials in a plant. The wise decision is consulting with an expert company that has stocks of high quality material handling product and equipment. It is crucial to know about various broad types of material handling equipment before you invest in developing the infrastructure of your manufacturing unit. The article discusses 4 primary categories of machines that can be useful to your production plant.

Storage Equipment

The first category of equipment deals with handling materials and storage. You have racks and different types of stacking frames under this category. It becomes very convenient to store a wide range of products using these tools. There are also shelves that help you to organize material at your plant. Bins and wide drawers also fall under the category of storage equipment. You can use the interlocking systems of stacking frames to store and mobilize huge volumes of materials. There are elevated systems of floors, known as mezzanines, which are effective, too.

Engineered Systems

Most of the automated units are engineered systems. If you want to invest in more sophisticated material handling equipment, then these are machines where you should concentrate. One of the major machines under this category is the AS/RS. It is an enormous structure that has all kinds of tacks and shelves, and accessible with a mechanized advanced shuttle system. There are also smooth conveyor systems that save your time to transport and pile up materials from zone A to zone B. Moreover, there are guided vehicles that are automatic in nature, used in specific business sectors.

Industrial Trucks

There are several varieties of industrial trucks that consistently add value to the infrastructure of a manufacturing plant or an industrial unit. There are hand trucks that are also known as box carts. Also, there are pallet jacks. You can also utilize the power of pallet trucks to move materials. The walkie stackers and the platform trucks also fall under the category of industrial trucks. Some sectors use side loaders, too.

Equipment to Handle Voluminous Materials

There is a separate category of handling machines that are mainly used to manage organizing bulk materials in industrial settings. For example, you can conveniently use reclaimers to recover materials from specific stockpiles. There are commonly used bucket elevators and grain elevators. There are stackers, too.

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