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Persian Carpet Vs. Oriental Carpet – Which One to Choose?

by Ricky Edison

Many people use the term Persian carpet to refer to Oriental carpets and vice versa. To most, these two terms refer to the same thing. However, this is not accurate. All Persian carpets are Oriental carpets, but not all Oriental Carpets are Persian carpets UAE. Oriental Carpets refers to a wide range of carpets and rugs that are hand-knotted and made in Asia like Afghani carpet. They originate from many different countries, including China, Russia and Pakistan. Persian carpets originally come from modern-day Iran, although they date back to ancient years from the Persian Empire, which is the first difference between them. However, there are many other differences that prompt owners to choose one over the other. Most of the differences are brought about by finer details in the stitchwork that give the carpets different qualities.

Type of Knots

The two types of carpets tend to look similar in general, but with a closer look, the knots on each kind is different. There is more symmetry with knots on oriental rugs, and the type is known as Ghiordes. Persian rugs, on the other hand, are knitted using asymmetrical knots known as Senneh. The lack of symmetry makes Persian rugs more authentic, and if looking for a unique type of rug, then a Persian rug would be a suitable choice.

Washing Technique

Most carpet owners consider the washing techniques of different rugs before making a purchase. Persian rugs are best washed by hand, which helps them last longer and retain their original soft feel. Oriental rugs offer more flexibility in terms of washing, and if this is an attribute that interests a rug owner, this would be a safer choice. However, for users who do not mind the handwashing process, Persian rugs would still be ideal. Oriental rugs from Pakistan are also quite popular, easy to wash and retain their natural dye longer.

Country of Origin

If this is an important factor for you, then there are a few things to note. Original Persian rugs are made in Iran. Resellers buy them from the weavers and ship them to other destinations, and it is possible to get original Persian custom made rugs. Oriental rugs offer more versatility and are available from China, Turkey, Tibet, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Reliable carpet sellers avail this information to prospective clients at the time of purchase to guide them decide what to buy.


Every purchase requires some consideration of its value to the owner. Carpets possess qualities that determine the value it offers its owners over time. Good quality carpets are durable and last a lifetime making it worth the initial cost of purchasing them. They also have resale value and would still fetch a decent amount after resale several years after purchase. This is a characteristic of oriental rugs in general as they all age beautifully. Well cared for Persian rugs are of high value and a collector’s item because of this attribute.


Both types of rugs are handcrafted in various beautiful designs unique to the oriental style of rug. However, Persian carpets UAE are more detailed and spot some characteristics that give them superiority over other oriental rugs. For instance, the rug’s base is identical to the top of it, and the bottom facing side is equally as soft and has exact material like that at the top. The knots are easily visible and can be counted with ease for carpet enthusiasts keen to the finest detail.

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