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How Colors from Flowers can Boost Your Mood

by Ricky Edison
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Science has proven time and again that flowers have the power to elevate moods and make you happy. Thus, while ordering some flowers Dubai, there’s more to it than just a bouquet to brighten your interior and moods. According to color therapists, different colors of flowers produces different vibrations in our bodies. If your vibrations are unstable, they can be re-balanced with colors from flowers.

In the fundamentals of color therapy, some colors have significant emotional effects on people than others. For instance, green is tranquil, blue is makes one calm, purple makes you more creative, while red is romantic and passionate.
Here are different colors of flowers, their meaning, and their effects on human emotions:


Green is linked to tranquility. That is why many plants are green. We have greens in our gardens. Green flowers can help you relax and get in line with nature. An area filled with leafy greens is ideal for meditation. In other words, green gives you peace of mind and soul.


For years, people have linked red with power and energy. People like this color when they enter a room. Little red is easily noticeable. Red also indicates ambition, courage, and strength. It enhances speed and alertness and transcends us into our physical being.


Orange is a joyful color. It is welcoming and warm and promotes happiness and sociability. It also spikes extroverted traits and evokes emotional presence.
These characteristics make the orange ideal in gatherings and occasions where it can enhance relationship building and interaction. Orange also contains some traces of red. As such, it can be too irritating and overwhelming if it is overused.
How do Different Colors of Flowers Make Us Happy?
Flowers make people happy, stimulating the happy brain chemicals. Here is how the substances affect your brain.


Dopamine is usually stimulated when one expects rewards. Flowers are a significant reward signal in the brain. This is because they indicate incoming abundance. People have food to eat every day, and so they do not relate it with flowers. However, when the season of flowers come, people naturally feel a unique thing is on the way, triggering dopamine.


This compound is also referred to as a bonding hormone because it arouses the emotion of social trust. It may be maternal connection, love, or team unity.
It is uncommon to find this feeling, and it is easy to lose it. That’s the reason people yearn to stimulate it through flowers.


Serotonin comes to mind when it comes to antidepressants. According to various studies, the happy feeling is caused by serotonin when a person advances their social status.
Flowers have the power to do this. You may buy the, grow them or admire them from the window shop. They will trigger that sense of pride that you are looking for.

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